Which amplifier to buy: solid body electric guitars


Time for part II of my blog on which amplifier to buy. This is a tough post–one of the tougher ones I’ve had to do, simply because there are so many great amps out there now. Those of you who are opinionated purists, are welcome to send me your “hate mail.” If I think your beef is legitimate, I may even take it up in another post…but no promises.

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GT Player of the Year: 2010


Today I’m blogging to announce the GT Player of the year for 2010. Having been a member of Guitar Therapy for well over a year,  this player has had a remarkable growth curve. When he began with me in August of 2009, he had been playing bass for some time and had only a very superficial knowledge of the guitar.

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Which amplifier to buy: acoustic-electric guitars


Every year at Christmas time my desk gets buried in several acre feet of letters and requests concerning guitar purchases and guitar related gear for beginner and intermediate guitarists.

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GT Review: The Taylor GS Mini


Today I’m writing a short review on the “new” Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar. Billed as a travel guitar, this instrument is nothing short of extraordinary. BTW, I’m not getting paid to write that.

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GT Player of the Month: June


I have stopped working on the GT social network today so I can announce the GT Player of the Month for June. Yes, I know it’s already July…so I guess I had better get on with it.

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GT Player of the Month: May


Each month Guitar Therapy brings you a featured guitarist from our student rolls. Like those who came before him, this month’s top player displays everything we’ve come to expect from a GT Player of the Month: Aggressive drive to not only learn, but excel in all aspects of his playing, continuous growth as a player from week to week, and a positive can-do attitude.

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GT Player of the Month: April


In Greek mythology, Hera, the Queen of Heaven, hatched a plan to test the mettle of a young would-be hero named, Jason. As our hero was traveling at the time, Hera made sure that he would encounter a raging river, where he would have a choice to make.

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela CD Review


Rodrigo Y Gabriela – 9 Songs 42.8 minutes (2006)

This self-titled album showcases just how musically gifted Rodrigo and Gabriela are. From a technical point of view, they are both accomplished, while at the same time exhibiting a playful approach to the instrument.

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Viewer Mail: John vs. Jon



Dear Chad,

Me and a friend were discussing the overall performance and skills of both John Mayer and Jonny Lang.  I feel both are very skilled at their craft with Jonny Lang having the slight edge in playing skill on his axe. My friend feels Mr. Mayer is a really good singer, with ok skills on the guitar.

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How often should you change guitar strings?


As both a teacher and guitar tech head, I get a lot of questions from other guitarists concerning the maintenance of their instrument. By far, the most asked question is, “How often should I change my strings?”

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