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Born Again Guitars

What is a born again guitar?

Born Again Guitars are former beaters, which have been rebuilt, upgraded or modded, and then professionally set up here at Guitar Therapy.


What makes a Born Again Guitar from Guitar Therapy standout from everything else?

Price: Every Born Again Guitar is affordable, most are below $500.

Unique, one-of-a-kind good looks: Nearly every Born Again Guitar has been reliced to add that comfortable, road-worn feel. In some cases, where the body of the guitar is cut from a good looking tonewood or similarly capped, I actually strip the original polyester finish from the entire guitar or cap. Next, the guitar is stained and finished in nitro or oil. The finish can then treated to add the kind of character you see from guitars which have done their time on the road. (By request, tonewoods can be refinished and buffed to a high gloss, like new, mirrored sheen. Finishes of this type are priced case by case. Ask me for a quote.)

More efficient neck profile: Most solid body guitars have necks which are either painted and/or finished in polyester or urethane, which makes them sticky. That means they are high friction. The low-end models (and even some high-end ones) tend to feel like the large end of a baseball bat in your hands. When these two characteristics are combined, you get a neck that is slow and cumbersome. That’s why a Born Again Guitar from Guitar Therapy is reprofiled and finished with either oil or nitro. Nitro finishes are speed treated for low friction. The end result is a neck built for speed, comfort, and playability. This process can be done as a stand-alone mod on any guitar, even neck-thru body.

Tone: Vast improvement in tone is a significant characteristic of a Born Again Guitar from Guitar Therapy. This is done through a synergy of mods performed on the guitar. First, the guitar is completely gutted of old, substandard wiring and components. Second, the neck socket is cleaned to remove dirt, glue, paint and finishing polymers. The neck is, then, reconnected for a tight secure fit, ensuring optimal sonic transfer throughout the guitar. Third, the control cavity is completely shielded to help increase your signal to noise ratio. Fourth, bad control pots and switches are replaced with high quality name-brand components. Finally, a set of high quality pickups, matched specifically to the guitar, are installed.

Feel and Playability: Of course, every Born Again Guitar from Guitar Therapy is professionally set-up and rigorously tested. There’s no having to take it somewhere else after you buy it to be set-up. Your Born Again Guitar has already been set-up and is ready for action from day one. You walk out of my shop with a guitar that plays beautifully.

Don’t forget the Guarantee! You heard right: GUARANTEED!!! Unlike pretty much everyone else out there, I personally stand behind every Guitar which comes out of my shop. I stake my name on it. You won’t have to purchase a crap warranty in order for me to do what I should be doing anyway….standing behind my products and services. Every Born Again Guitar which comes out of my shop is guaranteed from material defects in workmanship for a period of 2 years. I challenge you to find a better guarantee anywhere for a guitar in this price range and with this level of quality. Trust me I’ve looked…you won’t find anything which comes even close.



I buy guitars and guitar parts:

Gotta an old guitar, guitar body(s), component(s), etc, you want to be rid of? Why not bring it to me and turn it into cold, hard cash? If I think it’s something I can use, I’ll make you an offer. I also sell guitars on consignment and they return 80% of the selling price to your pocket.

If you’re interested in upgrading your guitar, bring it to me and I’ll get it ready for prime-time…Even if you’re not sure where to begin, I can help you. Let me find an electronics, hardware and/or aesthetics solution for your instrument. Simply contact me to place your order.

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