GT Player of the Month: May


Each month Guitar Therapy brings you a featured guitarist from our student rolls. Like those who came before him, this month’s top player displays everything we’ve come to expect from a GT Player of the Month: Aggressive drive to not only learn, but excel in all aspects of his playing, continuous growth as a player from week to week, and a positive can-do attitude.

Having been a student of Guitar Therapy for approximately 10 months, this player has tackled numerous ambitious projects. His musical influences are in the Metal and Alternative Rock/Metal genres. If it’s guitar driven with the overdrive pushed into the stratosphere, he’s hip to it. His tenacious persistence with practicing and refining his chops is enabling him to begin mastering some of the more technical aspects of playing lead: voicing, phrasing, melody and so forth.

In addition, his ear has vastly improved, to the point where once in a while he has to call his teacher out on transcribing accuracy. He has a serious commitment to developing his skill as a player and his steady progress and regular attendance with Guitar Therapy proves this point. Therefore, I’m happy to name Nick Mills as the GT Player of the Month for May.

For his commitment to excellence Nick will receive a set of strings and a string winder courtesy of Conrad Music Service. He is also, now, eligible to win the GT Player of the Year Award for 2010. The winner of this award will receive a grand prize yet to be announced, have honorable mention on the GT Blog, and a place of honor on the GT website for the entire year.

Congrats Nick!

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