GT Player of the Year: 2010


Today I’m blogging to announce the GT Player of the year for 2010. Having been a member of Guitar Therapy for well over a year,  this player has had a remarkable growth curve. When he began with me in August of 2009, he had been playing bass for some time and had only a very superficial knowledge of the guitar.

He decided he wanted to branch out from his bass roots into guitar. Since that time, he has tackled some very challenging pieces in the metal and death metal genre as well as instrumental Rock genres. As his knowledge and skill have grown, so has his drive and goal setting. He continues to push past his previous bests with the instrument, has formed his own musical group, and has plans to pursue music in a professional capacity either as an entertainer or instructor. His dedication in this area is unmatched, as is his commitment to excellence.  Through it all, this guitarist has maintained singleminded focus with the instrument and has an amazingingly positive, can-do attitude. With so many young people self absorbed and obsessed with, the now trendy, “depressed youthful angst,” his attitude and approach in our sessions together is wonderfully refreshing. Therefore, I’m very happy to name 16 year old Nick Mills as the 2010 GT Player of the year.

Nick’s influences are far ranging within the Rock and Metal genres. He cites specific artists such as Led Zeppelin and Joe Satriani as well as the full spectrum of the Metal genre, in general, as helping to shape his playing style. He attends my old alma mater, North Harrison High and enjoys creating new music with his good friend, fellow bandmate and guitarist, Kaleb (last name unknown). Nick also distinguisted himself last year when he won the 2010 GT Player of the Month award for May.

For Nick’s hard work this past year, he was awarded two months worth of free instruction and a $25 gift certificate to Conrad Music Service. Additionally, he will be listed in the GT Hall of Fame, have honorable mention on the GT Blog, be recognized on the GT Community page with an accompanying photo and a listing on the GT Featured Members page. He will also have honorable mention on the Guitar Therapy Facebook page.

Congratulations Nick on a job well done!

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