GT Review: The Taylor GS Mini


Today I’m writing a short review on the “new” Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar. Billed as a travel guitar, this instrument is nothing short of extraordinary. BTW, I’m not getting paid to write that.

When the guitar was introduced some months back, I was skeptical that it could deliver the kind of tone and projection that Taylor was bragging it could…Even after watching the demo video on Taylor’s website, I was incredulous. I knew there was just no way this side of Heaven and Earth that a guitar that small could have that kind of tone and volume.

Then came the day when one of my students walked in with one. Naturally, being the curious character I am, I asked the student if I could give it a try. Holding it in my hands,  I could see and feel the craftsmanship which went into this guitar. There is a simple elegance to it. It has a very, very petite “studio” shape which fits comfortably in your lap. Although lightweight, it feels solid.

As I cradled it and strummed the first chord I fully expected to hear the characteristic thin, low volume sound which is what we’ve all come to expect from acoustics in this market niche. Boy was I in for a surprise. From the first strum, my jaw quite literally hit the floor. My student had to stifle a laugh as my mouth fell open. It was as if by magic, Taylor had found a way to take a travel guitar and endow it with the spirit of a full sized acoustic. I simply could not believe what I was hearing. It’s a mini acoustic with full size acoustic sound and projection. Unbelievable. The guitar actually lives up to its hype.

This guitar plays like a dream and just feels so darned comfortable, you won’t want to put it down. And at $499, it’s priced right too. Check it out over at my affiliate. To order yours, click the following link: Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar Natural or you can use the affiliate link on my homepage for Musician’s Friend. But be warned; you’ll have to stand in line behind me.

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