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Guitar Therapy is a full service guitar shop, servicing most makes and models of guitars. I also perform upgrades, parts replacement, and installation of new hardware and electronics.  Additionally, I sell acoustics, electrics, and acoustic electrics on a consignment basis. I sell refurbished guitars at substantial savings to you, my valued clients. Have a guitar you’d like to bring back to life or sell? Bring it in to Guitar Therapy and let me appraise it for you. Since I buy and sell used instruments, you could turn that well worn axe into cold hard cash.

Standard Guitar Services:

String Change: $20.00

Neck Adjustment: $25.00

Set Intonation: $25.00

Set Action (electric guitars only): $25.00

Set Action (acoustics & acoustic-electrics): $50

Complete set-up, including neck adjustment, intonation, set action, and string change (solid body electric guitars only): $60.00

Complete set-up, including neck adjustment, set action, and string change (acoustics & electric-acoustic guitars only): $70.00

Pickup Replacement: $50.00 (add $25 for each additional pickup)

Shielding the recesses on your solid body: $80 Stratocasters; all others are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Floyd Rose installation: $150

Pickup cavity routing and installation: $100 single; each additional pickup add $50.

Neck Reprofiling for a thinner faster neck: $80 bolt-ons; $150 neck-thru body

Neck Speed Treatment: $30

Fret Job: $120 Includes, leveling, crowning and polishing frets.

Fret Replacement: Bound necks $500. Unbound $400.

Relicing: Starting at $200.

For more up-to-date and detailed info on pricing and services please visit my Facebook business page.