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Guitar Therapy is a full service guitar shop, servicing most makes and models of guitars. We also perform upgrades, parts replacement, and installation of new hardware and electronics.  Additionally, we sell acoustics, electrics, and acoustic electrics on a consignment basis. We sell refurbished guitars at substantial savings to you, our valued clients. Have a guitar you’d like to bring back to life or sell? Bring it in to Guitar Therapy and let us appraise it for you. Since we buy and sell used instruments, you could turn that well worn axe into cold hard cash.

Standard Guitar Services:

String Change: $20.00

Neck Adjustment: $25.00

Set Intonation: $25.00

Set Action (electric guitars only): $25.00

Set Action (acoustics & acoustic-electrics): $60

Complete set-up, including neck adjustment, intonation, set action, and string change (solid body electric guitars only): $60.00

Complete set-up, including neck adjustment, set action, and string change (acoustics & electric-acoustic guitars only): $70.00

Pickup Replacement: $50.00 (add $25 for each additional pickup)

Shielding the recesses on your solid body: $80 Stratocasters; all others are evaluated on a case by case basis.

Floyd Rose installation: $150

Pickup cavity routing and installation: $100 single; each additional pickup add $50.

Neck Reprofiling for a thinner faster neck: $80 bolt-ons; $150 neck-thru body

Neck Speed Treatment: $30

Fret Job: $120 Includes, leveling, crowning and polishing frets.

Fret Replacement: Bound necks $500. Unbound $400.

Relicing: Starting at $100.

We also do partial fret replacements and spot leveling, crowning and polishing of frets.