One word: Amazing!
-Jesse Ramsey

Chad is my favorite guitar teacher. 3 thumbs up!!
-Michael Sanders

Hey if you’re looking to learn how to play the guitar or bass hit Chad Phillips up. He will teach you at your own pace. He does an awesome job!!
-George Bolin

I highly recommend Chad. He is wonderfully patient and only offers praise and encouragement for the kids. I have never heard a harsh or negative word come from him and if I trust him with my grandchildren you know he’s a good guy.
-Brian Melton

OK group members, listen up. You all know Chad is a great teacher and player, but now we need to start spreading the word on his AMAZING TECH WORK. He set up my mim stock tele and When I got it back I was shocked how good it sounded and played. I have been to a lot of different techs and I can truly say Chad is one of the best I have ever had. He GUARANTEES all his work and will do whatever it takes to make your guitar the best it can be. Why spend all your money on an expensive brand guitar when Chad can make any guitar sound like a million bucks. TRUST ME, you won’t be disappointed. Chad truly cares about YOUR NEEDS as a musician! I don’t need to drive an hour or wait two weeks for my guitar any longer!!! I will be taking all my guitars to him from now on.
-Martin Stockwell

Chad’s capabilities as a guitar technician are amazing and reasonably priced. Great service too!
-Matt Shareef

What can i say? I took my Epiphone Les Paul ultra to Chad to ask about upgrading the pickups, and he took care of it quick and set it up great. The thing sounds so rockin with these new emgs in. He has worked on any of my gear cheaper than you could get it done anywhere else and i have never had a problem with anything he has done. Everything always turns out great! I would recommend anybody that wants to take lessons, buy a guitar or have one upgraded/fixed whatever it is, take it to Chad!
-Ryan Smith

Cannot speak highly enough of Chad Phillips and his guitar repair skills! This thing plays like a dream, and it would not have been possible without you, buddy! If anyone out there needs guitar work done, he does it all, he does it well, he does it cheap, and it is worth every penny! He has my full recommendation and all of my future business! Check him out!
-Dustin Walker

I wanna give a big shout out to Chad Phillips, the new pickups sound amazing and I appreciate the speed and quality of his work. I definitely recommend him to anyone who needs quality Guitar maintenance/work. Thanks!
-Eli Buzek

Chad is indeed great at this. When you hand over one of your ‘babies’, it’s good knowing it will be in good hands.
-Jim Feller

For those of you contemplating an upgrade, let Chad do it. Listen to his recommendations. Then just do it. You’ll be glad you did. Chad did a fantastic job on my 1962 Strat. Bill Lawrence pickups, a roller nut, new Fender tremolo replacement, and locking tuners with a 19:1 ratio. I already had a custom fret job done and an aged white pickguard (looks kinda light lime green). This guitar is hard to put down. Bravo Chadster!!! This guitar rocks. It is hard to put this guitar down and I have 8 guitars! GREAT JOB CHAD! I encourage everyone to let Chad do your upgrades. You should get locking tuners and a Graph Tech nut on all your guitars unless you have a high end guitar and are satisfied. Chad, you are the best!!!
-Ricky Applegate

Chad, thank you so much for the work you did on my guitar. It truly ended up better than I expected. The notes ring out long and clear, the action is perfect for the way I play, and you set the pickup height just right. You were fast, actually you were very fast, as well as affordable. I will be recommending you to all my guitar enthusiast friends. Thank you for what you do.
-Brandon Jones

This is way over due and I’m a super lazy person but I need to tell everyone about this great guitar I own. I was talking with Chad about doing another guitar build with only one thing in mind, I wanted to have a telecaster style guitar(love that old vintage look and feel). After the work was complete and I finally got to play around on it I must say that I was really at a loss for words at the extremely well put together piece he had done. This guitar has only two pickups and FIVE different settings on the pickup toggle switch, I never knew such a thing was possible. There is so much control over the knobs, sound and tone like you wouldn’t believe. Just the lightest adjustment results in a totally know sound and feel. That being said this is by far the most versatile sound I’ve ever had or heard before. Chad continues to build the best custom guitars I’ve ever seen. You just know when you are playing one of his guitars that it was made with quality workmanship and everything possible was thought of and put into the hardware. I can’t tell you all with words how this sounds but just know that this is the best guitar I’ve ever owned, and will continue to rely on Chad for anything guitar related in years to come. If you want to have the best guitar money can get, make sure you ask this guy first. Can’t think of too much more to say about this off hand but If anyone has a question about this particular guitar I’ll be happy to tell you. Peace out!
-Jeffery Hurtgen

This is the newest guitar to my inventory. Chad did the best job. This thing is a beauty. I couldn’t ask for any better. I would pay more than what I did for this. Thank you Chad.
-Gabriel Romero

I want to give a big “THANK YOU” to an old acquaintance of mine..Chad Phillips who runs “Guitar Therapy” here in Corydon!! My acoustic/electric was having some real trouble with fret buzz and such,and after Chad finished…I’ve never played a better acoustic in all my days (yeah,he did that good of a job!!), and it didn’t cost me an arm,leg,….not even an eyebrow…and his work is guaranteed!! Here’s the link to his FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/guitartherapy/ If you have a problem instrument-wise,you’d “be” wise to check him out imo!!!
-Todd Rhodes

Thanks, homie, for repairing my long ailing ’73 Gretsch Corvette. Great Work!!!
-Doug Toombs

Got to plug the guitar into a better sound system this evening, and it was amazing.
The tone on the highs just blew me away! Really good for your soloing, and the chopping/shredding is pretty good too. There is a lot of raw power behind these pickups.
-Jeffery Hurtgen

Chad, I want to give you props for restoring my Frankenstrat. As you know, the guitar had a lot of sentimental value which is why I wanted to fix it instead of scrapping it and buying a new one. Now that you’ve rebuilt it, it plays and sounds so much better than it used to! I’m impressed with how much time and care you put into the project to find the new parts and to make sure that everything would meet my expectations and desires. I guarantee that you won’t find that level of service at your local guitar center! I highly recommend to anyone needing any guitar work…take it to Chad. You’ll be glad you did!
-Brad Piontkowski

Hey guys, this is Zach Kitterman. By now I’m guessing that you have seen Chads before video of “The Shredder”. That thing was in terrible condition when I got it. I immediately turned to Chad for help and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. This guitar is no-longer a piece of junk. It is now an amazing travel guitar that I haven’t been able to put down. I don’t have any complaints about this wonderful work of art. From now on, whenever I need work done a guitar Chad will be the first person I turn to. Thanks again Chad.
Hey everyone! It is Zach again. As you can see in the recent posts on this page, Chad has worked on one of my guitars. It is a left handed Epiphone Special ii. With the amazing work done by Chad, my guitar has a P90 pickup in it. The guitar sounds so much better with this new modification. The work put into this guitar is awesome. Chad has amazed me once again with his ability to accomplish the task I give to him. The workmanship on my guitar looks like it came straight from the store. Thanks again Chad!
-Zach Kitterman

I finally managed to pry my hands off of her to tell you how much i appreciate it it plays amazing very stylish the flamed maple isn’t justified in the pictures a beautiful guitar definitely better than the Art100 can’t wait to put some heavy gauge strings on her and wake the dead thanks again man
– Eli Buzek

Thanks for the excellent job, Chad! I know for sure any guitar work I’ll need in the future I’ll come to you
-Andrew Garrett

Chad Phillips did an awesome job my ’62 Strat. I’ve had it over 31 years! It is finally tweeked to perfection!
-Ricky Applegate

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