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What is the v.Contour?

Much more than simply a tube preamp pedal, the v.Contour is a boutique, made in the U.S.A., hand-built valve distortion unit with incredible warmth, depth, richness, and versatility. It is unique in that it has tone controls both before and after the valve distortion stage.  Its Mid and Mid Shift controls allow you to control how much or how little distortion is added to a set of frequencies.  A LPF (Low Pass Filter) allows you to tailor your tone even further.

Unlike the generic big box competition, you have options with the v.Contour. The unit comes in 2 flavors, Original and Hybrid. The hybrid model is equipped with the same features as the original model with one notable exception, on-demand JFET pre-distortion. This pre-distortion is a mod to the original v.Contour, which adds an extra layer of distortion that is tempered by the double triode valve stage. This extra layer gives the valve distortion more character and complexity.  The mod is accessible with the flip of a switch, meaning you have the option of either all valve distortion or the combination of all valve distortion and JFET pre-distortion in the same pedal. So with the hybrid model it’s like having two pedals in one.

The indicator lights for the unit are simply LEDs underneath jewel domes.  The holes are tapped so you can choose whatever color you like for your indicators.  The unit comes with your choice of  red, purple, blue, amber, green, white or clear for your indicators.

The knobs are either chrome or black.  They are heavy brass knobs and have a very good feel.

If you like vintage and classic rock sounds, then this is the pedal for you. Below are some samples of the unit in action.

You’ll find ordering, build, and specification info at


Guitar body:  4 piece Alder slab

Neck:  Maple

Fingerboard:  Maple

Pickups:  Seymour Duncan pickups (Custom Custom bridge; Alnico 2 middle; Classic Stack neck), maple neck and fingerboard.

V-Contour Settings (Original):


Cut #11


Cut #13


Cut #14


Cut #16




Cut #18


Cut #19


Cut #20


Cut #21


Cut #22