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Product Review: The Ibanez Prestige

Ibanez has been producing some great guitars for a while, now, and the RG Prestige is no exception. If you’re looking for elegant design and full featured functionality, the Prestige fits the bill.

I ordered one about 4 months ago, when I was looking for something built for shredding. To say I was nervous was an understatement. The source of my angst was due to the fact that I was ordering this guitar without having played it first. Something, I never, never….(here, I’ll say it again) NEVER do. But without a local Ibanez dealer, I really felt my hands were tied. So it was with some trepidation that I ordered my Ibanez Prestige.

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Tips for the uninspired guitarist


smashingStuck in a rut? Going through a dry spell creatively?

All artists go through times like these where they are just unable to tap their creative juices. So, I thought I’d include a short list of things which have helped me when I hit a dry spot creatively.

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Product Review: The Fender Spalted Maple Tele


Here’s a mouthful: Fender Special Edition Custom Telecaster Spalted Maple HH Electric Guitar. (Say that 10 times as fast as you can without getting tongue tied.) Anyway, it’s my honor and privilege to review this very fine instrument.

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Don’t Skimp on that New Instrument


Editor’s Note: Excerpted from Chad Phillips’ forthcoming book, “Guitar Therapy”

gtrx_symbol_thmWhen I bought my first decent acoustic, I was fifteen years old and had worked all summer mowing lawns in order to save up enough cash for that guitar—a $350 Alvarez. It was good guitar for the money, but it wasn’t an exceptional instrument. Still, compared to its predecessors, that Alvarez was solid gold—a good value, and I played the snot out of it. But it wasn’t right for the style of music which would become…

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Tommy Emmanuel

Last night I was treated to something really special. A friend of mine took me to see the noted guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel.

Now, right off the bat some of you are, no doubt, mouthing the words, “Tommy who?” That’s just because you haven’t lived, yet. So allow me to enlighten you. Tommy is perhaps the finest concert fingerstyle acoustic guitarist on the planet. Yes, I know…everyone talks in glowing terms about their guitar heroes. But this is different. In this case, my view is the objective reality of the universe.

Anyway, I knew of Tommy only through audio recordings and videos. So, expectations were high as my friend and I made our way to the Ogle Center at I.U.S., where Tommy was to perform. I knew I was going to…

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