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How often should you change guitar strings?


As both a teacher and guitar tech head, I get a lot of questions from other guitarists concerning the maintenance of their instrument. By far, the most asked question is, “How often should I change my strings?”

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GT Player of the Month: March


As most of you know, I have a program called the GT Player of the Month. The program rewards students who show the best improvement for a given month above their overall best. This month’s winner is both disciplined and capable.

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Guitar Therapy Music: Braided River


An original acoustic instrumental I worked up recently, it was inspired first by water and then by a phenomenon known as a braided river. I think when you hear the meandering character of the tune, it will become apparent how the name stuck.

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Harp Technique Tutorial


This video tutorial is from Justin Sandercoe over at While I don’t know Justin personally, he seems like a very cool guy. His instructional videos are intuitive and easy to understand. Probably, I will be adding Justin’s website to our resources menu.

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Tommy Emmanuel: Harp Technique


harpThis is a great little demo of harp technique and advanced harmonic techniques by master guitar player, Tommy Emmanuel. Be warned; this is not a tutorial. I may post an actual tutorial tomorrow, so you can get a basic…

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