GT Player of the Month: June


I have stopped working on the GT social network today so I can announce the GT Player of the Month for June. Yes, I know it’s already July…so I guess I had better get on with it.

In the 2 years I have had this student, he has grown musically, but his commitment has really been at the level of hobbyist, which is fine if that’s your goal. But then, about 6 months ago he turned on the afterburners and started really getting more serious with the guitar. It was almost as if someone flipped a switch and he just really started improving by leaps and bounds. What has made the difference in this student’s growth curve between now and where he was before? Well, he’s older now and I think we get a little more serious about things as we mature. Along with that maturity his musical tastes have begun to diversify and his commitment level has become more intense, meaning he’s more productive with his practice time and he’s widened his gaze with regard to his musical influences. His attitude has always been positive and that certainly helps with learning a new skill. But there’s something else as well. His parents are very supportive of his work with the guitar. All these elements have come together to create a kind of musical synergy for this young student. He embodies the spirit of a GT Player of the Month. Therefore, I am proud to name 12 year old Dakota Lambert as the GT Player of the Month for June. Because of Dakota’s drive and commitment to excellence, he will be awarded a new set of strings and a string winder courtesy of Guitar Therapy. He is also, now eligible to win the GT Player of the Year award. The winner of this award will receive a grand prize (Y.T.B.A), have honorable mention on the GT Blog, and a place of honor on the GT website for the entire year.

Congratulations Dakota!

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