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Lesson III: fret tapping


frettappingThis is a short primer on a specific two handed fretboard technique. Technically, this isn’t fret tapping, at least not in my book, but it is a related technique, which also builds on the pedal move of the previous two lessons.

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Jonny Lang


jonnylangOne of the great young blues players of today is a guy named Jonny Lang.  Lang started playing the guitar at the age of twelve, after his father took him to see the Bad Medicine Blues Band, one of the few blues bands in Fargo. Lang soon started taking guitar lessons from…

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Viewer Mail: John Mayer’s Amps


bassmanOne of our esteemed charter members wrote me the following email today:

Hey Daddio,

Fender Bassman, isn’t that an amp for bass guitars? Help educate…

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Guitar Lesson: Hammer-on Pedal Move


halohammerThis is part II in a series of “quicklessons” on pedal moves. This lesson will cover a hammer-on variation of the pedal move.

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Guitar Lesson: The Pedal Move


joeactingupThis is a quick lesson convering an introductory level pedal move. The lick has been popularized by instrumental rock players like Steve Vai and especially, Joe Satriani. Hope you enjoy it. If you have questions or comments concerning this lesson feel free to leave them on this thread, PM me, or email me using the Make Contact page

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The Great I, IV, V Mystery


sherlockWhat’s the deal with numbers and music? For many of you, I’m sure the association is a mystery. You’ve probably heard another musician (maybe you’re that musician) sound off something about using a I, IV, V progression.





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Going Home


handheadYou’ll have to pardon me. This post is really a test of the Guitar Therapy Broadcasting System. I recently figured out how to use my digital camera for the production of video and I needed a good test of overall quality, etc. So, I conjured up this little ditty…





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Learning to play lead


gtrx_symbol_thmHow do you play lead? That’s a question I hear a lot around the old Guitar Therapy shed and it’s a good one. The answer is both complicated and somewhat counterintuitive.

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2009 GT Player of the Year


angusWell, it was tough. I mean really, really tough. But when you’re choosing between thoroughbreds, it always is.

This year I had some great candidates for the 2009 GT Player of the Year Award. All of them were players of the month this past year and all exhibited the traits necessary to win this prestigious

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GT Player of the Month: January


acoustic_thmWell, it’s been over a month since I last posted to this blog and no wonder. A lot has happened between now and the last post.

First, my baby girl was born the week before Christmas. Then it was a mad dash trying to finish getting everything prepared for the Christmas holiday after we got out of the hospital…

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